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Winter tour - Bakuriani

Places left: 4
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Places left: 4
180 USD
Tour length: 2 day

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Transportation Mercedes Benz Vito
Day 1
Name Route Duration Distance Info
Borjomi Central Park Kutaisi-Borjomi 2 h 130 km Borjomi Central Park is a popular landscaped park for relaxing and walking, located in Borjomi. Borjomi is known as a balneological resort. One of the main assets of the city is the local mineral water, which is located here at a depth of 1200-1500 meters and rises through the wells to the surface of the earth.
Borjomi Central Park has been around for many years.
Lunch Borjomi 1 h 1 km Lunch box (sandwich, vegetables, fruits)
Open air sulphur pools Park-Sulphur pools 2 h 6 km The most valuable attraction of the city, located on the territory of the Central Park, is the thermal sulfur pools. There are exactly three of them, each of them has a different temperature, shape and depth.
The water in them is rich in useful substances and minerals
Borjomi History Museum Sulphur pools-Museum 2 h 6 km Housed in the former Romanov offices, this diverse collection includes the first-ever bottle of Borjomi mineral water (1890) and other displays on the waters, plus china and glass from the Romanov palace, sizeable exhibits of stuffed wildlife and Soviet historical paintings.
Accomadation Bakuriani   32 km Hotel
Dinner Bakuriani   2 km Georgian Supra with Tamada
Day 2
Name Route Duration Distance Info
Snowboarding/Skiing Bakuriani     Bakuriani is the oldest ski resort in the Caucasus. It was known at the end of the 19th century, when the imperial family paid attention to these picturesque mountain slopes, and today it is the second most popular.
Most of the tracks are located on the slopes of Mount Kokhta. Its peak is 2200 m above sea level. Steep descents are abruptly replaced by calm sections; experienced skiers love these sections for this effect of surprise.
Lunch Bakuriani     Lunch box (sandwich, vegetables, fruits)
Departure Bakuriani-Kutaisi   160 km Bon Voyage